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It started making my computer spaz out, is that supposed to happen?

Which engine have used for this game? :D

10/10 could've used more crime though

o no crim


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I kinda wonder if the forging sequence is bugged because I could have sworn I answered all the questions correctly. Oh well.

I loved this game overall. It's cheesy in a good way. I did feel a little lost from time to time, but it never felt like I was in an impossible situation. Including a tip-for-money system was smart; it helped me figure out what to do next in a couple of instances when I felt lost.

Final rating: Crime/10

I didn't beat it, but i liked it. The music, MS-Paint sprites were great.  It was funny, good game.

Wow! nice job, I like the art work is this m-s  pant.

i couldn't download this game. It only showed me the code, not the acrtual game

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one of the best games I've played in a good while

it's just my kind of stuff

I don't like crime irl so I didn't think I'd like the game but I thought it would be funny game so I tried it out. I enjoyed it once I figured out how the game worked and how to farm money and had some sort of idea on what to do. I liked the art and some of the music.

Some of the transfer to other levels objects/events could be a little better but for a first game, I think it was good.

SPOILER: I got the bad end and I'm ok with that. I just feel like, I think the electrical box was a one time item in the game and I sold it... If it was an important item to do a quest, I think it should have been a "key item." I said no to be the big cheese. :-]


the most bootiful art work i have seen in years

YeS bEsT mS pAnIt